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A Heartfelt Farewell to Zak

My friend, Kim Wagner, got in touch recently and told me about the heartbreaking loss of her beloved dog, Zak. When you look at the pictures of this beautiful boy you can see how easy it was to love him!

Here are Kim’s words about her precious Zak:

Heaven, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Heaven Again


Zak was definitely our gift from Heaven. He was found wandering the streets of St. Louis. From St. Louis he ended up in Pittsburgh in our home. The first time we saw Zak we knew he was special and we were right. Throughout the years everybody who saw him always thought he was the most beautiful puppy they had ever seen. Although when we adopted him he was already six years old.


I ( Zak’s Mommy ) am a childhood diabetic and have suffered various bouts with the disease throughout the years. When Zak came into our house he immediately knew when something was wrong and I wasn’t feeling well. He would come by my side and not leave until he knew everything was alright. Zak was my four-legged Angel here on earth with a heart as big as this world. 

He was special until the very end. Everyone who met or saw Zak wanted him as their own. We were the lucky ones, though. God sent him to us. Zak gave us so much joy and love over the years and he’ll always have a special place in our heart and home. Towards the end our other three dogs could never stop kissing him morning, day, and night. He has left us now and made his trip back to Heaven where he will be our Guardian Angel forever until we all meet again. We love you Zak.


Kim and Bob Wagner

Kim,  I’m so very sorry about the loss of Zak – I know how special he was to you. May he watch over you from the starry skies until you can be together again.

With love,
Lighthearted Press

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Texas, a Cat in New York
posted on November 5, 2012 Reply

Awww… Sending purrs to Kim.

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