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Gone to the dogs!

What a joy – spending time with two oh-so-sweet pups at a doggie outreach event!

The pups, Bell and Patch, came from the Multnomah County Animal Shelter – the same shelter where I adopted my dog, Jake, back in 1995. Or was it Jake who adopted me?

He and I spent many fabulous years together before I lost him in 2006. Although my life has been happily devoted to my kitties since then, I still miss having a pooch by my side.

Being around Bell reminded me of meeting Jake for the first time. She couldn’t wait to run up to each visitor and kiss them, sit in their laps, roll over and wag her entire butt on the floor! Everyone fell in love with her…which was easy to do.

And then there’s Patch, a precious 3 lb. Chihuahua who has two traits I admire the ability to love easily, and the ability to pop off to sleep when it’s time for a quick power nap! Fetching in her little pink sweater, I suspect this sweetie-pie will be adopted very soon.

This fun evening reminded me of all the magical dogs who shared their drooly love and joyful spirits with me throughout my life, leaving their paw prints forever in my heart.

Somewhere down the road I know another pup will find me. Until then, I hope I’ll get to have more “doggie fixes” with critters as sweet as Bell and Patch.

If you’re interested in learning more about these pups, or the other animals up for adoption at the shelter, be sure to visit the Multnomah County Animal Services website.

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