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Kissing Bruce Springsteen

Do you have a keepsake box?

You know, the place where you’ve stashed all your treasured memorabilia from years gone by?

I was looking through my box of stuff the other day when I came upon an old Christmas card. It was dated 1976, signed by Aunt Trudie. She wasn’t my aunt. Her nephew was the late Clarence Clemons, saxophonist for the Bruce Springsteen band.

The memories came flooding back.

Suddenly I was standing along the wall during a Springsteen concert in NYC – DO NOT ask me how I got in there! It was my third time in as many nights. The sweet woman standing behind me introduced herself at Clarence’s aunt.

“Would you like to go back and meet the band?”


Everything after that is a blur…except the part about kissing The Boss! THAT I remember.

Long before I wrote books for animal lovers I made my living as a singer.

I had a different name, a different look and a different life. A large part of my world was wrapped around music.

Seeing this card from Aunt Trudie brought back so many good memories. I was having a wonderful time on this unplanned journey into my past. Why not keep going?

To be continued…

Chris Davis
Former Singer
Lighthearted Press
Publishing magical books for animal lovers

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