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The Year of the Dragon

I love dragons.

The magic. The mystery. The fantasy. I love it all!

I even found a place for a friendly dragon in my new book, Forever Paws, up there in the stars with the dogs and cats.

So, imagine my delight the other day when I opened a package from my dear friend, Judy Ditfurth, and staring back at me was a fabulous stuffed dragon in all its teal blue glory!

I immediately knew this was a female dragon.

The moment we locked eyes it was clear she had accepted me as one of her own. I was now under her protection. I started calling her Grandma.

Why I had such a strong reaction to her wasn’t clear to me at first. I kept thinking about those dark, penetrating eyes.

And then I got it.

This dragon looked a lot like my Mother’s mother – my Grandmother – a kind and gentle woman.

A coincidence?

I think not.

Note: For many years I’ve had only one book on my coffee table – Dragonology. The only person who ever noticed it was a three year old child.


Chris Davis
Lighthearted Press
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