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Do you celebrate Forever Day?

A few weeks ago I received this special email from Shannon Breznai:

It felt important to email you and tell you of my loss as well as the role your book played in my life. My forever cat passed away unexpectedly Thursday morning. I had her for almost 11 years. My heart is broken…absolutely broken.

Each year, on the day I adopted her, we celebrated her “Forever Day.” One of the ways we celebrated is by reading her your book. March 31st will be extremely difficult for me next year, as I read your book to myself only.

She is being laid to rest at a pet cemetery. Her grave marker will read, “Tiger Lily, My Forever Cat.”

The idea of Forever Day touched my heart, so I contacted Shannon to learn more about it.

When I adopted Tiger Lily the shelter did not know her birthday so I decided we’d celebrate her adoption day instead. I was working with children at the time and one little girl was adopted from China.
She saw that I had pictures of Tiger Lily on my desk and we would often talk about her.

This little girl explained to me that she and her mom celebrate the date she was adopted…they called it her “forever day.” I told her I was doing the same thing with Tiger Lily. So on Tiger Lily’s special day, this little girl brought me a card. It had a picture of a cat on in it and inside she wrote, “Tiger Lily, Happy Forever Day!”

Within weeks I discovered your book! I loved it even though I cried each time I read it. I especially adored your term “forever cat” and felt the book was written for Tiger Lily and me. It was then on that she had the special title “forever cat” and I read her your book each March 31st on her Forever Day (as she ate tuna, her favorite food).

Her love got me through so many trying times. Her passing has broken my heart. I have 3 other cats. I love them of course, but Tiger Lily was the one…she was my “Forever Cat.”

Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your beautiful story. I’ve always celebrated the day each of my critters came into my life, but from now on I’ll consider it their Forever Day…and I’ll think of you and Tiger Lily.

Chris Davis
Lighthearted Press
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posted on January 16, 2012 Reply

What a lovely story. I like the idea of a forever day for pets. I have celebrated “gotcha days” with a family friend and her children adopted from Vietnam and India.

Chris Davis
posted on January 16, 2012 Reply

“Gotcha days” – what a wonderful idea! I’m sure those days are very special for your friend and her children.

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