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Dog & Cat Lover Gift Box Giveaway Winners!

The emails came from all over the country – stories of people suffering this holiday season due to the loss of an animal companion.

If you’ve ever loved, and lost, a treasured critter you know how tough it is to get excited about decorating a tree when the kitty who used to sleep beneath it is gone.

You understand how the joy of delivering holiday baskets disappears when the dog who accompanied you on your rounds has left your side.

Each story touched my deeply. It was hard to choose – I wish I could have sent gift boxes to everyone.

In the end, I chose Ashley Craig’s nomination for the Dog Lover Box, and Marilyn Milano’s nomination for the Cat Lover Box. Due to the personal nature of their submissions, the names of the nominees will be kept confidential.

While nothing can take away the heartbreak of losing a four-legged friend, sometimes just knowing someone cares can help a hurting heart.

The gift boxes are on their way. I hope they will bring a little comfort to the recipients.

With love,
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Bob S.
posted on December 16, 2011 Reply

What a wonderful idea from a very wonderful and generous spirit. Thank Heaven for Earth Angels.
bob s.

Chris Davis
posted on December 16, 2011 Reply

Thank you, Bob, but it was Dickens, Pippen, and all my beloved angel doggies who whispered this idea to me. One of them drooled in my ear – I think it was Jake!

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