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In Memory of Pippen – and all those rubber bands

There was a time I thought rubber bands were just for sealing bags, keeping wrapping paper on the roll, or for holding up socks.

But that was before Pippen. She came into my life in May 1998, a three week old kitten sitting in my yard. She was found by my dog, Jake, whose prior history with cats would have tempted him to consider her a before dinner appetizer.

Instead, Jake found a lifelong friend. He brought her in, along with her brother and two sisters, and raised them as his own. The first time I saw Jake strutting through the house with Pip in his mouth I was a bit nervous, but I soon learned I had nothing to worry about.

Unlike her siblings, Pippen had only one favorite plaything…rubber bands.

She discovered them on my desk early in her life, and from that moment on they captivated her. She would grab one from the bowl and go running through the house with it, bouncing off walls and chattering with delight.

She even figured out how to launch them. She’d hold one end down with her paw, grab the other end in her mouth, and then let go and race over to pick up the rubber band/rocket. This would go on for hours.

I said goodbye to my beloved forever cat one year ago today. Despite how much I miss her, I find comfort knowing that she, Jake, and her brother, Dickens, are reunited, and they are flying together through the starry skies.

And she’s also very happy…turns out there are rubber bands in heaven!

Love ya, sweetie!


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posted on December 6, 2011 Reply

Oh sweet Pippen! I love that she loved rubber bands so much! None of my kitties have ever paid any mind to them, but a previous kitty – Coise – like milk carton rings. His toy of choice 🙂 They each have their own amazing personalities. Sending a hug your way as you remember Pippen today.

Chris Davis
posted on December 7, 2011 Reply

Thank so much you, Tammy. By the way, one of my kitties likes those milk carton rings, too!

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