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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Oh, how I love black cats! Seeing the sun shining on the glossy fur of a black feline is a beautiful thing.

Today, I celebrate all the black kitties who have shared my life. There’s my beautiful Dickens, who left me last year to continue his journey in the stars.

And my exquisite Star, who never met a sun spot she didn’t like.

And then there’s Sammy, shown in the picture here, who showed up 8 years ago and continues to come for food every day.

I can’t get near Sammy, which made treating the terrible flea allergy he developed this year almost impossible. He was covered in awful sores, losing blood, and spending many hours on the deck scratching.

Until…a woman in cat rescue told me about CapStar, a pill that kills all the fleas on a critter in about 30 minutes and continues to work for up to 36 hours.

Sammy has been on this for over a month now. The fleas, the sores, the bald patches are all gone.

Just look at that happy cat. My, how his fur shines!!


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posted on August 17, 2011 Reply

Sammy is very lucky to have found you! He knows you need him just as much as he needs you.

Star reminds me of my Mewsette. Dickens reminds me of Mr. Sunshine. They are all wonderful and inspiring!

I used CapStar here, once for the whole house, and then for just the tortie girls whose allergy really was horrible. We’re just about done with fleas now.

Hope Sammy enjoys his little house this winter!

Chris Davis
posted on August 17, 2011 Reply

If anyone understands the special magic of black kitties, Bernadette, it’s you! I don’t know how long Sammy will need the CapStar, but it sure has been a lifesaver.

Chris Hugh
posted on October 8, 2011 Reply

Twitch and Mr. Kitten told me to give a ‘shout out’ to all the other black cats out there because they want to ‘represent.’ Personally, I wish they wouldn’t use slang I don’t understand.

Christine Davis
posted on October 9, 2011 Reply

How sweet of Twitch and Mr. Kitten – I DO love black kitties!

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