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2011 – A time for Farewelcome

Farewelcome – it isn’t a word, but it SHOULD be!

Over the past few days, I’ve found myself saying final farewells to dear friends while I opened my heart to all the possibilities of the coming year.

The unexpected loss of two of my beloved cats, Dickens and Pippen, left me gasping for breath as the year came to a close. But their sisters, Molly and Star, are already stepping forward and helping to fill the enormous void left in our home by the absence of their siblings.

Star, here in the birdhouse that stands in the cat enclosure, is the one who taught me one of the most important things there is to know about felines – if it weren’t for gravity cats would simply float away.

And mystical, magical Molly brings mystery and the promise of grand new adventures as I gaze at the black and white parts of her that appear in this space-time continuum.
The rest of her is always off in some other dimension.

I feel the presence of both my earthly AND my angel kitties as I step gently into these early January days.

I feared the New Year would leave me uninspired and saddened, but instead I find myself looking forward to each new day with unexpected excitement.

I feel creative and curious.

Just like a cat.



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posted on January 3, 2011 Reply

Creative and curious is a great way to start out the new year! I’m so sorry for your losses, but so glad that Molly and Star are helping fill that void, as you put it! Happy new year!

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