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Cats do the Darndest Things Photo Contest

All of us animal lovers do it.

If there’s a cute critter doing something adorable, and our camera happens to be nearby, we make a mad dash for it and start snapping pictures!

So here’s a chance for all you kitty people to enter a photo contest for cat lovers, sponsored by Feralcatbehavior.com.

Here’s what they have to say:

“Feralcatbehavior is launching a Photo Contest for Cat lovers, celebrating the crazy world of cat ownership. The contest starts today and will run through the last part of October. Send us your funniest cat photos.

We have all been there when kitty discovers the roll of toilet paper and starts to play…or curiosity gets the best of him and he creeps into the refrigerator while the door is open and falls asleep next to the fruit. We have all had those special moments with our cats that make us LOL or just giggle uncontrollably.

Submit your photos to webcomposer@comcast.net. The winner will receive, courtesy of Sturdi Products, a soft-sided cat carrier. Blog readers will vote on the best photo once they are published at the end of the month.

So tell your best cat buddies. We want to celebrate the craziness of cat ownership, embrace the embarrassing moments when Kitty gets the best of you, and laugh along with you as we explore the funny side of cats.”


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