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Please bring these black kitties home

I don’t believe in coincidences.
So when I learned about four black kitties who were looking for a home, just as I said goodbye to my beloved black cat, Dickens, I knew I wanted to do something.

The kitties- Merlin, Sharky, Frasier and Gallagher – are in the care of Mary Anne Miller, who provides online resources for cat lovers at her fabulous website Feline Express. This site was awarded the 2006 and 2009 Muse Medalion for Online Magazine by The Cat Writers’ Association in their annual Communication Contest.

It’s hard for me to understand why black cats and dogs have a hard time finding a home. The thought that Dickens might NOT have been in my life these past 12 years brings me to tears. He and his three sisters, one of whom is also black, were a constant source of love, mischief and joy. And on those days when things felt a bit shaky, Dickens always knew how to be a guiding light and keep me going…usually toward the whipped cream can!

Mary Anne, who is located in Sweet Home, Oregon, tells me these 8 month old kitties, all spayed or neutered, are absolutely delightful. To learn more about them you can contact her via email at miller478@comcast.net or by calling 541-367-4927.

If you are looking for some feline love please consider making a place in your home and heart for Merlin, Sharky, Frasier or Gallagher.

Or just make it simple and bring them ALL home – it’s what Dickens would want.



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