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Zero-K Bulldog Fundraising Event

You’ve probably heard of 5K and 10K running events – but Zero-K?

Welcome to the annual fundraising event for Buddies Thru Bullies, a South Florida organization that specializes in English Bulldog rescue.

According to their flyer, this event is perfect for two- AND four- legged couch potatoes.

Don’t bother to get up,” it says. “NOT participating is a requirement!”

That’s right – all you need is a sponsor sheet and you’re on your way to helping this wonderful organization rescue and find forever homes for the English Bulldogs in their care.

Until I met long-time Bullie lover Judy Ditfurth, who volunteers for BTB, I was unaware of how enchanting these special doggies are. Judy has loved…and lost…many critters in her life, but it was the loss of her Bulldog, Daphne, that started the connection between us. For that, I will be forever grateful to angel Daphne.

For more information on supporting the Zero-K Event visit Buddies Thru Bullies and click on Newsflash.

Chris Davis

Lighthearted Press

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