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June is Adopt-a-Cat Month!

Even after sharing the last 12 years with my four sibling kitties it STILL surprises me that my current furry family is all feline!

What surprises me even more is how much I love them. After all, I’m a life-long dog lover!

I didn’t actually go looking for cats.

My dog, Jake, found them outside and invited them in to become part of our family. I always felt that Jake, my dear shelter dog, remembered what it was like to be homeless, so he understood the plight of this little family of feral kittens.

Jake was WAY smarter than I was. Yes, those kittens needed a home, but it turned out I needed those kittens, too. There are no words to describe how much magic they’ve added to my life!

I still remember the first time I was sitting at the kitchen table and the
pantry door opened. Out jumped a cat who had been sleeping among the cans of soup. That’s one of the charming things about felines – they love using multiple dimensions! When was the last time you saw a dog sleeping on top of the refrigerator?

People who have never shared their life with a cat may have a lot of misconceptions about these feline wizards. I certainly did. I had always heard they were aloof, not playful, and basically existed to be waited upon…pretty much the opposite of dogs.

Boy, was I wrong! They are compassionate, joyful, playful and LOVE to receive as well as give affection. I remember being very sick last year, collapsed on the bathroom floor with food poisoning. My cat, Molly, curled up next to me for over two hours until I was able to drag myself back to bed.

June is Adopt-A-Cat month. If you have been thinking about adding some furry joy to your heart and home I hope you will think about visiting your local animal shelter and bringing home a feline companion.

Actually, bring home two – they LOVE friends as much as we do!




My Mother Mary
posted on June 3, 2010 Reply

Dear Christine,
Love today’s blog !! We are for certain getting a new kitty this month!! Ron’s sister lives on a little farm and a stray cat came along a couple of weeks ago….now they have 8 cats !! Guess what !! They are all orange !!
Choices are boy/girl and light orange/dark orange!! Too funny :):)

posted on June 4, 2010 Reply

Oh, Chris, I love it! Happy kitty love!

Chris Davis
posted on June 4, 2010 Reply

I’m so happy to hear you’ll be bringing a new kitty home this month. Hope you’ll have many happy years together. As for Ron’s sister having 8 orange cats – well, that’s amazing! Just out of curiousity, are any of them named Creamsicle or Ginger??

Chris Davis
posted on June 4, 2010 Reply

If anyone knows about cat magic it’s YOU Bernadette!

posted on June 4, 2010 Reply

That is such a good story. I know just how you feel. I have always been a dog and horse person and now I have discovered cats, all 18 of them. They have all come to live with me as kittens. Cats are the very best and they do rule.

Chris Davis
posted on June 5, 2010 Reply

Wow, talk about kitty love! Give all your critters hugs from me and my kitties, Marg.

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