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Burying mementos with our animal companions

They each got a letter. Every critter I’ve said goodbye to brought a letter with them, saying how much I’d loved them, and how much joy they had brought to my life.

But there were other items, too, that accompanied my animals when they left my side.

Martha took a bag of cookies into the afterlife. Not dog cookies – chocolate chip cookies! And all the birdies who have flown their final flights in my yard have been buried in Martha’s rock garden, so she can guide them to their next great adventure.

Jessie was buried with a picture of my kitchen window, where I told her I’d be standing, watching over her.

I asked her not to be concerned if she peeked into that window and saw me crying…one day those tears would be replaced with smiles.

And Jake, my beloved boy, was cremated with two of my books – For Every Dog An Angel and Old Dog & the Christmas Wish – safely tucked between his front paws. It was his spirit, after all, that had helped bring those books to life.

What about you – have your animals left this life with special mementos that celebrated your timeless connection?



Tammy J. Banks
posted on April 29, 2010 Reply

I buried my beloved Cricket with her brush. She had a thick, plushy tigery coat that she adored having brushed: she always had to be brushed first and last, and if any other cat got brushed before Cricket, that cat got an earful from her. She was, we used to joke, the only cat who would have a standing weekly appointment at the hairdresser’s. So it went without saying that she needed her brush with her in the afterlife.

Chris Davis
posted on April 29, 2010 Reply

Cricket must have been very special. I love that she wanted to be first…and last…in line. I think when she checked in an angel probably handed her a blow dryer to go with that brush!

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