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Acupuncture for the Earth

Many years ago I watched a holistic veterinarian perform acupuncture on my dog, Martha. We were hopeful the procedure might help with the mysterious brain condition that was rapidly shutting her body down.

It became clear that Martha had a completely different plan for her spirit, and staying by my side was not part of that plan. However, one of the benefits of the acupuncture was the immediate relief of the high fever Martha had been experiencing. You could actually feel the heat leaving her body.

There is much talk about the extreme climate changes and geological events that are happening on our planet.

Which got me thinking – would Mother Earth benefit from the same gift that had helped Martha with her inability to regulate her body temperature?

Today I am going to offer my walking stick to the earth. I will ease it into the ground at the rock garden where Martha is buried, and ask that all the love and respect I feel for the earth flow through my stick into the water, soil, roots and rocks, saturating the planet with healing light and love.

From my heart…through Martha’s heart…to the heart of the earth.


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posted on April 26, 2010 Reply

what a lovely idea!

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