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The White Whisker

Last year I was delighted to discover that my big black cat, Dickens, had grown one beautiful white whisker. It was very noticeable against his glossy black fur.

I was fascinated with that whisker, and spent several weeks pondering its beauty.

Then I never gave it another thought…until this morning.

I woke up having a strange dream. I could hear a very insistent voice talking about the white whisker. I felt there was something I was supposed to do…right away. So I jumped out of bed and went to find my beautiful boy.

I knelt down in front of Dickens and sure enoughthe whisker was gone!

For some reason I felt a bit sad. I had gotten so much enjoyment from the whisker, and when the time came for it to move on I hadn’t even noticed. I would have liked to have said farewell.

I gave the kitties their wet food and went to check the dry food bowl. There, perched on top of the remaining kibble, was one perfect, snowy white whisker.




posted on February 25, 2010 Reply

My Giuseppe, one of the Fantastic Four all black kittens I’ve fostered and live with, began with all black whiskers but at about eight months developed one, then two white whiskers, one on each side of his face! They fell were a little small and wrinkly for his set of whiskers, but they fell out and another set came in that looked even nicer. But by the time he was about a year and a half old, he had lost both and all his whiskers were black again, and continue to be. None of the others developed white whiskers, even though one of the others actually has white spots. So much for the mystery!

Chris Davis
posted on February 25, 2010 Reply

Now I’m even more intrigued by the white whiskers! Since Dickens and his three sisters are almost 12 years old, I assumed his white whisker had something to do with age. However, if you saw white whiskers on one of your kittens it sounds like age may not be a factor.

Need a whisker guru!

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