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Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?

I used to LOVE thunder and lightning storms – especially if they came in the middle of the night! My bedroom would light up as if a thousand candles were floating in the air. It was really beautiful.

However, it was NOT beautiful to Martha, the magical dog who was born in my bathroom back in 1982. I learned about her fear one night when I felt her stand up next to my bed and frantically bury her paws into my hair.

Martha was terrified! I carried her 50 lb. shaggy body to another floor in my home, away from all the windows in my bedroom. After each lightning bolt I covered her floppy ears as we waited for the thunder that always followed. In this way we rode out the storm.

I tried de-sensitizing her with recordings of thunder, which helped a little. As the years went by Martha’s hearing began to fail, which turned out to be a blessing.

It’s hard to believe that my sweet girl has been gone for 15 years. She left me with many warm memories, and one very special gift -it as Martha who inspired the writing of my first book, For Every Dog An Angel.

I know she is flying through the starry skies, riding the heavenly lightning bolts with grace and joy!

Miss you, girl.



posted on February 19, 2010 Reply

I personally am terrified of thunder. I know it’s an irrational fear, especially since it’s the lightning that can harm you, not the thunder.

We’ve had a couple cats who shared my fear. The boys we have now don’t like it, but they aren’t as afraid as I am. And they know I am afraid, and it seems, they try to comfort me!

Chris Davis
posted on February 20, 2010 Reply

Hi Tammy,

I know many people who are afraid of thunder and lightning, so you’re certainly not alone. Maybe it’s one of those “cell memory” experiences, where memories are imbedded in the cells of the human body.

I love that your kitties come to comfort you when you’re afraid. Aren’t critters wonderful?

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