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Remembering Clint

If ever there was a “forever dog,” surely it was Clint.

His two-legged mom, Sandy Grossman, wrote to tell me about the loss of her beloved long-haired dachshund to cancer, after spending 17 years with this special boy. Here’s what Sandy said:

“Clint was a special and remarkable animal. In 1997 he suffered from what would be the first of three immobilizing “slippage of the vertebre” episodes. He astounded veterinarians and others alike with his remarkable lust for life and unexpected full recovery from that episode, and the two that would follow in 2001 and 2004. It was noted by Veterinary Neurologist Dr. John Speciale that Clint should have been a cat, as he clearly had 9 lives.”

Clint went on to make several valuable contributions to veterinary medicine, including working with a world renowned Veterinary Cardiologist in developmental research for the cause and treatment of a rare heart condition known to cause sudden death. Clint donated his own abnormal EKG results discovered while under anesthesia for a routine teeth cleaning. Clint volunteered his time to have the EKG test redone, to contribute to the ongoing research of this rare condition.

But most important of all, Clint was loved…deeply loved.

“Clint will be cherished forever and loved always, for his doggie smile, his huge heart, his gentle nature, his CONSTANT licking, and his boundless energy,” said Sandy.

Clint is flying through the starry skies now, but I know he will always watch over Sandy…because that’s what angel dogs do for the people they love!


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