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Relax like a cat

I share my heart and home with four cats.

I have no business EVER being tense in the presence of these feline yoga masters. They pour themselves down the stairs like Slinkies -remember those?

If there is even one square inch of sunlight in the house they will find it and sprawl out as if they’re on a beach in Hawaii. They can spit and pounce and ambush with the best of them, and then it’s gone and they’re quickly back in relaxation mode.
My living room has two large windows in front. When I’m having one of THOSE days I stretch out on the rug under the windows and bask in the daylight. Even if it’s a wet day here in Oregon there is STILL light behind those raindrops.

I may start out alone, but within seconds cats start coming to me from wherever they are in our home. It’s as if they sense I’m ready to give myself up to the universe, and let all that wonderful healing energy pour down over me like syrup on a pancake.

One by one they come, brushing against my leg or sitting on my chest, purring their soothing love into my heart.

Like I said…yoga masters.



One Comment

Ingrid King
posted on October 1, 2009 Reply

Aren’t cats amazing? They’re definitely masters at teaching us how to relax and how to live in the moment!

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