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I can get rid of those bugs for you, lady

That’s what the pest control man who knocked on my door the other day said to me. He pointed to the wasp nest in the roof over my front porch.

“I see you have a lot of spiders – I can kill those, too,” he said.

I smiled at him. Many years ago a wasp had built her nest above my front door. I asked her if we could make a deal – she and the kids could stay as long as they wanted to, as long as I was free to come and go in peace.

A silent agreement took place, and for the next several months I watched Mama and her babies. The kids eventually left the nest, but Mama stayed. She was there in October when I got up on a ladder and decorated the front porch with Halloween spider webs. She stood at the end of her nest and watched me.

She was there on Thanksgiving. I remember feeling very grateful for her presence in my life on that special day. And she was still there in early December. Was it possible she’d remain through Christmas?

It was not to be – Mama left before the holidays. I was truly sorry she had moved on – I wanted to wish her a Merry Christmas.

For years I’ve waited for another wasp to build her nest on my front porch, and this was the year. I was actually excited! Every time I water the plants on the porch I say hi to Mama, and tell her how fine those babies are looking. I don’t know how long she’ll hang around, but she’s welcome to stay as long as she wants.

“No thanks,” I told the pest control person, and I closed the door.

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Cool Kat
posted on August 14, 2009 Reply

What a super story! You make me think twice about wasp nests. Does it work the same for yellow jackets? I’m a little scared of them more than wasps. You have so many awesome experiences. If you ever need a ghost writer I’m in the market. What a team we would be!!!

Chris Davis
posted on August 14, 2009 Reply

Kathy, I don’t know what to say about yellow jackets – maybe you could ask if they are interested in a truce??

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