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That’s one small step for man…and woman

Has it really been 40 years?

I can remember Apollo 11 landing on the moon as if were just yesterday. I was allowed to stay up late to see this historic event, following along on the Moon Map in my Field Guide to the Stars and Planets. I even used a pin to mark the approximate spot where they landed, just in case they forgot and later needed that information.

My obsession with “all things space-related” began when I was a little girl. All the books I’ve written for animal lovers are filled to the brim with brilliant stars.
Walk into my home and there isn’t a room that doesn’t have a star on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling, or attached to a mirror.
I have always felt more comfortable “out there” than “down here.” In my dreams I fly through the stars, sometimes on the back of a beautiful whale, sometimes just floating along on the heavenly currents. Being in the stars is always like being home for me.
Many things have changed in four decades. However, one thing that will never…ever…change is my fascination with the heavens, if for no other reason than all my furry kids are waiting for me up there in those starry skies!

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