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And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who submitted a caption to go with this pointy-fingered ballet picture from my younger days. I wondered what I might have been pointing at, and now I have some terrific suggestions!

In the end, one of the captions really made me laugh and another just made me feel good, so I decided there would be a tie. The winners are:

“Go this way, the best is yet to be” (from Vicki McCarroll , Louisiana)

“Exhibiting at an early age her passion for dogs, ballerina Chris Davis does her imitation of a pointer” (from Linda Smith, Missouri)

Linda and Vicki will each receive an autographed book of their choice from Lighthearted Press and a Rainbow Bridge Wristband.

I’d love to do this again – I’ve got some dog and cat pictures that are just begging for captions!

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