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Mother Nature works her magic

It seems like just yesterday I took this picture! It was last December, Portland was buried in two feet of snow, and this lovely birch tree up on my hill was bent over from the weight of all that white stuff! A thrush was perched on the icy branches, looking for food and water in our winter wonderland.

Fast forward 5 months. Spring has arrived, and the warmer weather has finally found us here in Oregon.

This is the same birch tree, all dressed up in her best spring greenery. The winter thrush stayed around until late April but has since left us for its summer home- perhaps some beach-front property?

It’s interesting to note that the birch and I had a lot in common this past year. I was struggling with a painful knee problem, and walking was rather difficult all winter. I believe I looked a bit like that bent birch – without the thrush!

Physical therapy worked wonders on my knees, so when the warmer temperatures arrived I was able to stand up straight and strong.

Note to the universe:

I am most happy to be a perch for a passing bird, but could we make it a smaller one – still working on those knees!


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