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Watch those car window openers

It’s a miracle that this story has a happy ending.

Last winter I fell in love with a fabulous dog who was up for adoption in another state. I was overjoyed when I learned he’d found his forever family. A few weeks ago he was in the car with his mom. They were doing about 65 mph on a highway when the dog accidentally pressed his paw on the window opener, rolled down the window and jumped out of the car!

Mom said it was surreal, watching her dog roll over and over and over. She made an immediate U-turn, and although people had stopped to help her the dog miraculously got up and jumped into the car on his own.

He is fine, and the window opener is now locked, but I shudder to think how badly this might have ended.

About 5 years ago I was cruising along in my new Jeep with my dear dog, Jake, hanging out in the back seat as usual. This was the only place he would ride – no amount of pleading would get him to sit in the front with me.

Suddenly I heard him yelping, and saw he had managed to close the window on his snout as it was sticking out in the breeze!

I quickly got him unstuck and made sure he could never hurt himself again, but now I’m wondering if other people have had problems with dogs working the window openers and getting into trouble.

With the warmer weather finally here I guess we should all check those openers and child locks and make sure everything is safe before our critters hop into the car and head out into the sunset with us!


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