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Tia’s Cat Enclosure

My cat enclosure – it brings me almost as much joy as it brings my kitties! Seeing the four of them romping around out there really does my heart good!

When people send me pictures of their enclosures I get so excited!I know their felines are well loved and are having as much fun outside as my cats do.
Linda Taylor, from Tacoma WA, sent me these pictures of the enclosure they built for their cat, Tia. Talk about beautiful!
Linda said they chose a fencing that was plastic, and not firm, because critters are afraid it might be a net and they don’t even try to get through it.
Here’s Tia on the inside perch that looks out into her enclosure:
If your kitties are longing to go outside, I hope you’ll consider building them a screened-in enclosure. That way, the cats can be safely out in the fresh air, and all the little critters who visit your yard (birds, chipmunks, squirrels, etc.) will be safe, too.



Connie Bowen
posted on April 26, 2009 Reply

Hi, Chris:
The enclosure is beautiful! Thank you for posting it. I think the more people see that cats can be safely contained outside, the more they’ll let their cats have some fresh air and sunshine! ~ Connie 😉

Kritter Kondo
posted on May 29, 2009 Reply

Hi Chris, I love your enclosure, thanks for sharing. It is so important for kittys to be contained in a safe environment. Living in the city, it is hard because we do not have yards. Seeing my two kitties stare at me from inside, motivated me to invent pet enclosures that will work for pet owners with only balconies, courtyards, small yards, etc.
My Cats love them and are safe from harm, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!
Lisa, Inventor of the Kritter Kondo

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