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Luna’s Memory Lives On

Last November I was honored to write about Luna, the beloved furry companion of Sandra Thomas. Sandra had sent me a picture of Luna shortly before her beautiful German Shepherd Dog left this earthly life.

As you can see, it certainly looked as if Luna had caught a glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge she would soon be crossing.

Luna lost her battle with hemangiosarcoma on September 16, 2008, but her memory now lives on with the establishment of The Luna Award for Advances in Canine Cancer Research.

Read more about Luna’s inspiring story, and the presentation of the first Luna Award, at Tripawds.comthe website for three-legged dogs and the two-legged companions who love them.

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Jerry G Dawg
posted on April 14, 2009 Reply

Chris, you are so kind for mentioning Tripawds. Thank you so very much.

Vicki T
posted on May 23, 2009 Reply

Hi, Chris! It was good to need to order more books from you and more wristbands. I think of you often and every book gift and wristband I give out are always so greatly appreciated and many ask for the link to your site. Your books are so heartwarming and comforting. I’m glad you mentioned tripawds.com, too. It is such an excellent website for dogs stricken with cancer and who have either had limb amputation or are considering having it done. I feel fortunate to know about your books and find it has been a pleasure dealing with such a nice person such as yourself. Warmly, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Vicki

Christine Davis
posted on May 23, 2009 Reply

Vicki, thank you for your sweet comments. It’s a pleasure to mention Tripawds.com – what an important resource for dogs (and their people) who are facing that very difficult road. Wasn’t Luna just beautiful?

Hugs to you and the critters,

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