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Really, Mom, the bunny ate my salad!

Even after living here for 18 years I never get over how wonderful it is to interact with the wildlife. We have deer, raccoons, coyotes, possums, squirrels, hawks, owls, many kinds of birds…and rabbits. The rabbits are brown, with white tails.

At least that was true until this week. Then a little white bunny showed up on my road, moving in and out of the blackberry bushes. I brought the little thing some lettuce and carrots, and it took the food from my hand, then walked around and nuzzled up next to me.
It’s possible someone dumped the bunny in the woods where I live. Maybe they thought it would move in with the resident wild bunnies. But this little one was so sweet, so tame and so trusting it didn’t seem to have strong survival skills. Not to mention it was bright white – hard to hide that coat from predators.
It was clear the bunny needed some help. I bought some rabbit bedding for my cat carrier and lifted the bunny into its temporary home. I had to laugh – it was easier picking up the bunny then catching some of my cats.

My furry houseguest spent the night in my safe, warm home and then I took it to the Oregon Humane Society this morning. It was with me for less than 18 hours, but I cried as I filled out the paperwork. I think it was the rabbit’s effortless ability to trust me that touched my heart so deeply. Maybe “trust” is something I need to explore.
I thought I was meant to help this sweet rabbit…now I think maybe we were meant to help each other.


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