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Cat in a box

Over the years I’ve bought many wonderful beds for my critters. If a kitty bed felt soft and warm, or a dog bed seemed supportive and comfortable, I’d bring it home and give it a try.

Keep in mind my critters have always been allowed to sleep wherever they wanted to – on my bed, on the furniture, in the drawer – it was entirely up to them.

Every kitty bed I’ve bought has turned out to be a failure. The kitties might try it for a day, but then they would lose interest and go back to their usual sleeping places around my home.

This past winter Portland, OR was hit with a terrible snow storm in December. The weather turned very cold before the holidays, and even though I tried to plug up all the cracks around the doors and windows it STILL felt chilly in my home. I was worried about the kitties staying warm.

One day I grabbed a large cardboard box, put a cushy pillow inside it and draped several layers of polar fleece on top. I placed the hastily created “bed” on the kitchen rug and waited to see if there were any takers.

Oh my…it was like the kitties had discovered catnip growing in the carpet! The box was an instant hit with two of my four cats, so I made a second box. For several weeks Dickens and Star slept in the boxes, then Star went back to her usual haunts and I went back to just one box.

It’s been over three months, and Dickens STILL sleeps in that box every day. From an aesthetic standpoint it’s certainly not pretty to look at. But seeing my big boy curled up so contentedly in the folds of the fleecy fabric makes my heart smile.

Sweet dreams,


posted on March 14, 2009 Reply

Chris: How thoughtful of you to fashion a comfy cozy bed! There’s nothing like a contented cat to make you feel loved and appreciated. I think it’s so true – the best kitty toys (and must be the best beds, too) are homemade! Love,

Cool Kat
posted on March 18, 2009 Reply

That is super. It is inexpensive, practical and a kitty delight as you found out.
When Sammie and Amanda were little they would curl up together on top of my husband’s dresser, in the laundry basket on top of the clothes, in a booster chair we had for our little grandkids, but always like 2 peas in a pod.


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