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Magical Pet Portraits

Many years ago I was given a special Christmas gift – a pastel portrait of my dog, Jessie. The gift was even more meaningful because Jessie had just come home on Christmas Eve, having spent the prior week in intensive care. She was very ill, but her failing body was no match for her beautiful spirit.

Jessie and I had that Christmas…and three more wonderful months together. Her portrait hangs in my office, along with one of her daughter, my beloved forever dog, Martha.

If you are thinking about having a portrait done of one of your critters, I want to let you know about Connie Bowen.

Connie is an artist, writer and fellow Oregonian, whose work is simply breathtaking. I’ve had the chance to get to know Connie, and she is as magical as her work. It is no surprise that she describes her journey with pen and brush this way:

“The creative process for me involves meditation and connecting with my higher guidance. I can feel which direction my next project will take. I don’t pursue a direction unless it feels fun and exciting to me to work on.”

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In Connie’s case, both her artwork…and words…are priceless!


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