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Forever Cats

A few days ago I was talking with Arlene Eis, a fellow animal lover from Columbus, OH, about how my 4 kitties and I are getting along without a dog running around our home.

It’s really tough…my heart is definitely aware that something important is missing. However, as I told Arlene, for years the kitties graciously shared me with the dogs who were in my life, watching as I’d head out on walks, rides or other adventures that were for “dogs only.”

After I lost Jake in 2006 I could hear the kitties asking me for some special time that would be for “cats only.” In the beginning I couldn’t imagine that happening. I’d come home and look for a doggie face in the window, or I’d open the door expecting to be met by an excited, tail-wagging canine.

But as the months went by I began spending quality time every day with each of my kitties, and I quickly became enchanted by them in a way I hadn’t experienced before! Suddenly I was eager to crawl into their magical little world, and the more they felt my excitement the more they wanted to share it with me.

Arlene asked me if I was the person who came up with the term “forever dog.” She hadn’t heard it before she read my book For Every Dog An Angel. In fact, the first edition of the book, published in 1997, was subtitled The Forever Dog.

Perhaps it’s curious that a person who possibly created the term “forever dog” is currently without a dog.

But let me tell you all about my forever cats…


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Connie Bowen
posted on February 4, 2009 Reply

Chris, I’m sure your “forever cats” appreciate all the attention they are getting!!! And your new “forever dog” that’s waiting patiently for you will one day come into your life with smiling eyes in your window and soft, silky fur just right for cuddling ~ Connie 😉

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