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How much did that Super Bowl ad cost?

The answer is – $3 million for a thirty second commercial.

According to Dictionary.com, the definition of the word “advertising” is:

the act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television, on billboards, etc.

When I see a television commercial that appeals to me I may remember the catchy jingle or famous celebrity, but I probably won’t remember the product or who the company was.

However, if an organization bought a 15 second Super Bowl ad instead, took 10 seconds to tell me their product message, and then took the remaining 5 seconds to say the 1.5 million dollars that didn’t go into this ad was donated to animal shelters across the country, I can assure you THAT company’s name I WOULD remember!

That company would be the talk of the town on Monday. It would be celebrated, blogged about and toasted by animal lovers around the world. If the company offered a product or service I was interested in and could get behind I would gladly sing its praises until my voice cracked.

If not animals, maybe those unused advertising dollars could be donated to local homeless shelters or food banks in their state. If the company had experienced lay-offs perhaps the money could be used to help laid-off employees pay for their medical benefits.

To me this makes complete sense.

Am I crazy?


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