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When we don’t bond with our animals – Part 1

Forever Dogs. Those are the pups who come into our lives, and we just KNOW that somehow, somewhere, we’ve been with them before.

Whether we’re talking about forever dogs, forever cats, forever horses or forever tarantulas, one thing remains the same – it’s wonderful to have that kind of connection with an animal!

But what happens when a critter comes into our life and we don’t feel that kind of bond?
If you’ve shared that deep connection in the past, it can be challenging to go forward with an animal you may feel totally disconnected from.
The four-legged love of your life may have been a dog who slept quietly by your feet, waiting patiently to go for a walk. Or maybe it ran through the house like a race car, and the sound of those nails clicking on the floor was music to your ears.
Your forever cat may have been a sweet little purr-ball, who loved nothing more than to curl up contentedly in your lap. Or maybe your fabulous feline was more aloof, but you were so perfectly in tune it felt like two beings sharing the same heart.
So those critters pass from our lives, as all living things do, and in comes a creature who sees the world very differently from your lost angel critter. You want to adore them but you just can’t seem to feel that same down-to-the-depths-of-your-soul love that you felt in the past.
What happens now?
To be continued…


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