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Was my CAT once my DOG?

Many years ago a very special dog named “Martha” entered my life. I had found her pregnant mama running around on some nearby train tracks. I brought mama home, and a few weeks later Martha and her 5 siblings were born in the bathroom of my old Victorian home.

Martha spent the next 13 ½ years with me, and I came to know her better than any human being I had ever met. She was magical…mystical…and definitely odd. She loved me fiercely. It was like having my very own fire-breathing dragon – if someone threatened or got too close to me you had to watch out for her fire.

Martha left me in 1995, and I now share my life with 4 ten year-old sibling kitties – Dickens, Pippen, Molly & Star. I love my 4 felines deeply, for they introduced me to the fanciful world of cat magic.

Molly is definitely the odd one out of the bunch. When I look at her I think of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, always disappearing and reappearing. You can engage in a very animated conversation with Molly, but the feeling that she’s just not really there never leaves you.

Martha was EXACTLY the same kind of creature! Our bond was very strong, and I knew that nothing…not even death…would keep us apart for long. I have wondered for many years if Molly is my dear Martha, come back to me in feline form. Molly doesn’t have Martha’s fire, but perhaps time mellowed her a bit, as it often does to us all.

What do you think?



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Cool Kat
posted on January 27, 2009 Reply

As Aunt Chris’s kitty nephew I can honestly say that any self-respecting dog with personality and character which I am sure Martha had would love to share their spirit with an awesome cat like Molly who apparently exhibits traits that resemble beloved Martha. It is always an special honor as a cat to be selected to share a special dog spirit. Unfortunately in my case there is no room for anybody else but me in this fantastic kitty body.

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