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Good Dogs with Bad Names

As a writer of books for animal lovers you just KNOW I love a good read! So, here’s a fun and informative book for dog lovers that came my way recently – Good Dogs with Bad Names by Maxyne Bursky.

The cover says the book is “A playful and purposeful journey through the world of breed rescue, with tips on how to adopt the dog of your dreams!”

In addition to many excellent tips for people looking to bring home a new dog, the author also offers her thoughts on good (PAWS UP) and bad (PAWS DOWN) names for specific dog breeds. For example, you should NEVER name your Dalmation SPOT. NOELLE, however, is perfectly acceptable!

Ms. Bursky has a light, engaging writing style. I laughed out loud at several points in the book, while finding many other areas about the world of breed rescue very educational.

For more information or to purchase the book please visit the Good Dogs with Bad Names website.

Happy reading!


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