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Shelter dogs, animal lovers and one very special New Year’s Eve event

Just like Christmas Eve 2007, animal lovers gathered on New Year’s Eve 2008 at Clackamas County Dog Services, here in Oregon. This under-funded program takes care of abandoned and stray dogs in need of help.

One by one people brought gifts from their cars and added them to the rapidly growing pile of food, toys, treats and beds…lots and lots of beds. No dog would be sleeping on a cement floor this night.
I visited with all the pooches, but I have to tell you my heart was immediately stolen by Ralphie, a sweet 5 yr. old boy who put his paw on my outstretched hand and never stopped looking at me.

“Just take me home,” his eyes said.

There are so many loving dogs at the shelter including Sandy, a three-legged sweetie-pie, and Gizmo, a little bundle of black fur who just needs a lap to snuggle in.

Looking to bring a new dog into your life? I hope you will consider stopping by the Clackamas County Shelter. If you are the lucky person to adopt Ralphie, Sandy, Gizmo or any of the wonderful dogs there PLEASE email me davis@lightheartedpress.com and let me know.

Here’s to shelter critters – may they all find their forever homes soon.

Happy New Year!

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Vicki Tankersley
posted on January 2, 2009 Reply

This is a wonderful post, Chris! My biggest dream would be that everyone would adopt from shelters or our County dog pounds. People have got to quit buying from pet stores or over the internet. They are supporting puppy mills and it just makes me so sick. Somehow we need to educate people about what they are doing so we can get these puppy mills shut down. I always try to get the word out to people, but it’s hard to reach everyone. Thanks for the great post!

Love, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Mom (Vicki)

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