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Can we go outside and play

…asked my 4 kitties this morning. They love to be in their outside enclosure, which was written up in the March 2008 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine. As you can see, on a sunny day the enclosure is a great place to be!

We haven’t seen much sun lately. It’s rare for Oregon weather to force the cats to stay inside, but our snow storm – the worst in 40 years – has done just that.

I’ve been stranded in my home for most of the last 9 days. I feel like I’m 10 years old, but my Mom isn’t around for me to pester. The cats sit by the sliding doors and claw at the glass…I’m thinking of joining them.

I’m running out of ideas for keeping us all entertained. Board games aren’t an option – can you imagine 4 cats and all those Monopoly pieces? They refuse to watch any more Christmas movies, whether from MGM, Disney or Hallmark.
I’m even starting to cry when I hear the song White Christmas – and not the happy kind of tears.

Today I was so desperate I did something practically unheard of for me – I cooked! Turns out the kitchen isn’t just a place for microwaving myself tasty meals and dishing out critter food – what a surprise.

Please let the snow melt soon – I can’t let this cooking thing become a habit.

Ho Ho Ho!
(To see more pictures and a video of the Cat Enclosure visit Lighthearted Press.)

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Vicki Tankersley
posted on December 23, 2008 Reply

Oh my gosh, Chris, your outside cat enclosure is absolutely gorgeous, but the opposing photo with all of the snow is a bit comical, even if I’m having to live this mess, too!

My poor kitty loves to go outside and he’s been completely housebound for the last week, or more. Blazer, my miniature poodle, loves the snow, but it’s so darned cold out there, he doesn’t last for long; plus, his little fleece jackets just get so wet from his crashing through the drifts! Pretty soon I’ll be clawing at my glass just as your kitties are and you might do.

The snow was very pretty; now, go away! I’ve only lived here for 19 years (came from Denver) and this is the worst I have ever seen here.

Your friends,
Vicki, Blazer & Kitty Kimber

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