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A few days ago I noticed that my 300 feet of 17 year-old fencing was falling down on the upper part at the top of the hill. Hey, this is Oregon – outdoor wooden structures don’t last forever in our rainy climate.
It was very tempting to get all upset – replacing the fence is NOT in the budget! But with the help of some wonderful neighbors, we were able to stablize both the fence…and ME! I realized that even though I was in the middle of a sticky problem, I was able to find something to be grateful for. I found that comforting.
It’s been like that over the last week – several things breaking down around the house, followed by little moments of joy over all the blessings I have in my life – even the broken ones!
I watched the kitties curled up in a sunny spot of the living room, and remembered that even though it was a cold and rainy day, we were all safe and warm inside.
I’ve been feeding an outdoor cat – Sammy – for over 5 years, ever since he showed up in my yard as a kitten. He crawls under my fence and waits in the little feeding house we built for him on the deck. This past week there were some unexpected obstacles that could have made it impossible for Sammy to continue coming to my yard. But



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