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Meeting Zelda

It’s not often that I meet a celebrity, but once in awhile an opportunity presents itself and I get to sit at the feet…or in this case the paws… of royalty.

Last week I had the chance to spend some time with Carol Gardner and her internationally known English Bulldog, Zelda. Together, Carol and Zelda offer comforting and uplifting thoughts through their greeting cards, books and other Zelda Wisdom products. Visit the website http://www.zeldawisdom.com to see all the fun items they offer.

After spending a little time chatting with Carol it was easy to understand why her business has been such a huge success. She is open, honest and generous, and good things come to those who give so freely. I learned a lot in our time together.

I also learned a thing or two from Zelda. Even at the age of 13 she races through her home like an exuberant child, but knows exactly when to hit the doggie bed for nap time. That’s a lesson I should practice more often!

Being around Carol and Zelda is like being plugged into an outlet overflowing with good humor, high voltage energy and an authentic affection for the world…and all us crazy people who live in it.

Thank you both!

Lighthearted Press

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