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The Grey Muzzle Foundation

I love older dogs. When I’m in their presence I feel a sense of peace that is hard for me to find out there in the rest of the world. I don’t know if it’s the grey whiskers or the wise eyes, but when I look into their beautiful faces I see something I can only describe as “heaven.”

Meet The Grey Muzzle Organization, a group of volunteers led by founder and president Julie Nowicki. This organization improves the lives of old dogs who have been abandoned or left homeless by helping animal shelters, rescue groups, and sanctuaries around the country build adoption and hospice programs for the special needs of senior dogs.

There are many wonderful ideas at the Grey Muzzle website for helping senior dogs, but I especially love their Donate a Bed program. This is a special fund that provides orthopedic beds and cots to older dogs living in shelters.

Stop by their website and see all the special ways you can help make an old dog happy this holiday season.


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posted on November 18, 2008 Reply

What a wonderful organization! I had not heard of it before – I’m glad you shared about it!

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