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Oregon Kittens Seeking Forever Homes

Meet Hailey, Autumn and Mudslide, three Oregon kittens looking for good homes. Hailey is the gold and white kitten, Autumn is the little calico, and Mudslide is the little black and white bundle.

Mary Anne Miller is the angel in Sweet Home, OR who takes in kittens in need, makes sure they get any necessary medical attention and helps them find loving homes. She tells me she almost lost Muddy when he came to her. Only several syringes of her “magic elixir” brought him around!

If you would like to open your heart
and home to one of these furballs please contact Mary Anne at love@felinexpress.com. Ask her to share the secret of her magic elixir.

And check out her fabulous website http://www.felinexpress.com for all things cat-related.

Thanks cat lovers!


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