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Seeing the Rainbow Bridge

Having spent the last few months working on the new Pet Loss Comfort section at my website, I had many opportunities to think about The Rainbow Bridge. That poem has been around for awhile now, and no one seems to know who WROTE it.

But in this picture of Luna, taken shortly before she left her earthly life, it’s clear that she has certainly SEEN it.

Sandra Thomas lost her beloved Luna on September 16, 2008. When she sent me this photo she included the following words:

“This was one of the last photos I took of her, about ten days before she went to the Rainbow Bridge…the sun was shining into her eyes, making her eyes and fur glow, and she seemed to be smiling in her own way. I love this photo of her as it is very spiritual, I think. I feel like she is seeing the Rainbow Bridge in the distance and she likes what she sees.”

I know Luna will be waiting for you, Sandra. I hope she and my dear Jake have found each other and are flying together through the starry skies, sharing stories of how much they were loved.

Read The Rainbow Bridge Poem

Chris Davis
Lighthearted Press

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