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Pet Loss Comfort

Some of the best journeys are the ones that go down memory lane.

That’s where I’ve been traveling over the past several months, as I was writing the new Pet Loss Comfort section for my website.
I’ve had the privilege of sharing conversations with many animal lovers over the years, and most of our thoughts were of special critters we had loved…and lost. It seemed like the perfect time to create this new section, and to offer personal stories and pictures from my own experiences with pet loss.

As I wrote in the introduction, whether we call them pets, companions, critters, furballs, fuzzies or any of the endearing names people use, the loss of our precious animal friends can be a devastating experience.

After I lost my magical dog, Martha, in 1995, I was so heartbroken I didn’t know how to go on without her. I thought she’d be by my side as I left the corporate workplace and began the search for my “soul work.” As it turned out, her unexpected loss would lead to the writing of my first book, For Every Dog An Angel, and to the creation of Lighthearted Press.

With Martha’s help, I had found my soul work.

If you are grieving a lost animal friend, I hope you’ll stop by our website www.lightheartedpress.com and see if these pages might provide a safe and loving place for you to remember your lost animal companion.


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