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Sunday Brunch Part 1: Sometimes you need a hard hat

It was a beautiful fall Sunday in Portland, OR. I was having brunch with some great people, and happened to mention that before my publishing/writing days I worked in an industry that was a supplier to the commercial construction field.

I still have my hard hat,” I mentioned.

“Sometimes you NEED a hard hat,” one of the women at the table said.

For some reason that really struck me. A hard hat is worn to prevent injury. Not only is it perfectly OK to wear one in dangerous situations, in many cases it’s required. Construction workers don’t avoid going into harm’s way…they just go in prepared!

Although I’m not usually in physical danger when I head out the door each day, I often feel vulnerable on an emotional level. I’m a “wear your heart on your sleeve” kind of person, and luckily most of the people I interact with aren’t really interested in smashing that old heart of mine to pieces.

But when I turn on the TV, or read the paper, or go on the Internet, and see all the stories of suffering and abuse on our planet I’m often left feeling overwhelmed…sort of shell-shocked.

Made me wonder – do they make “heart hats?”

To be continued…..


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