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Cat Enclosure Video

I’m always so excited when someone gets in touch with me to chat about my outside cat enclosure! I know that it probably means they want to build something similar for their own cats….and as my four kitties would tell you, that’s a GOOD THING!

I finally did a YouTube Video of our kitty playground:


Stop by to see all the special features of the enclosure, including the brightly colored ramps, perches, ladders and birdhouses. You can also learn more about the building materials that were used.

Hope you’ll stop by…and remember – DOGS like cat enclosures, too!


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posted on October 9, 2008 Reply

Wow! That is truly amazing! Our cats would totally love something like this!

We are planning a move (to Oregon actually!) in the spring. I hope once we get settled, maybe we can build something for our crew!

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