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Oregon kittens left to perish – can you help?

It’s hard to understand how someone could have left these three kittens to die, but that’s exactly what happened. They were put in a baby’s playpen and left outside in the yard – with no food, no water and no shelter.

The other day I wrote about Mary Anne Miller, an Oregon animal lover…and earth angel. Mary Anne has come to the rescue once again. These kittens are in her care, but they need a good home.

Please check out my last blog for more info about Mary Anne. If you’re a cat lover you’ll want to visit her award winning website http://www.felinexpress.com, and also her all-things-kitten site http://www.kitten-rescue.com.

To learn more about these furballs and the other critters under her wing (told you she’s an angel!) please email Mary Anne at love@felinexpress.com.

Let’s find a loving home for these kitties soon!


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