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A Perfect Moment

Last week I wrote about my intention to become aware of the joyous moments in my life. They don’t have to be huge events. In fact, sometimes they are very small…and quiet. Perhaps that’s why we miss them.

I experienced one of these moments yesterday. It was close to sunset, and I was snuggled in the pillows on my couch, reading a lovely book. The last rays of light were streaming in through the French doors. A few Stellar’s Jays were picking at the bird seed up on the hill.

It was cool, and I had the fireplace going. Three of my 4 cats were in the room with me – one on the couch, one on the chair and one on my lap. I looked up from my book and suddenly realized how still everything was – like a beautiful scene from a movie.

“This is a perfect moment” I said out loud.

And it was.


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