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A Visitor from Colorado

It’s always fun when animal lovers I’ve met through my books come to visit Oregon.

Carol Vogel, from Good Samaritan Pet Center in Denver, was in Portland over the Labor Day weekend to visit with her family. Here we are, along with her furry “niece” Moppyaren’t we a happy group?

Carol was here in December 2007. Her visit coincided with a book-signing event I was doing at a local animal shelter, and I was delighted when she stopped by.

Carol is such an upbeat, joyous person – and a true critter lover. My only regret is that she isn’t a full-time Portland resident.

Come back soon, Carol!


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posted on September 7, 2008 Reply

I will cherish this picture! I had such a good time on Portland.
My sister is Moppy’s mom and Moppy usually is somewhat shy of
strangers but she came up to you and proceeded to give you a million kisses! I think she sensed that you are truly the world’s most awesome animal lover.
My sister wants you to do a book about Moppy. She definitely has a story to tell. She was a victim of abuse and mistreatment. She is now a happy girl in a loving home.

Keep writing those wonderful books. I am eagerly anticipating the next one?

Love, Carol and Moppy.

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