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A Special Visit

Writing books for animal lovers brings many joys. Perhaps the greatest joy is meeting and sharing stories with other people who love critters as much as I do.

Most of these “meetings” occur via telephone, email or letters….but every so often I get to meet one of these wonderful critter people in person. Yesterday I had the opportunity to have lunch with Kathleen Otto, a woman I’ve spoken with several times over the years but have never met. Kathleen and her friend, Jeanne, drove up from California to attend a horse event in Oregon. Along with Kathleen’s horse they brought several doggies on the trip, including her little rescue dog, Taco, and Jeanne’s wise old doggie, Rascal.

Spend a few minutes with Kathleen and you will know immediately that she is a giving, compassionate person who loves all the creatures with whom we share this planet. When she told me the story of the friendship between the coyote and kitty who live on her land, I suspected the inspiration for that connection may come from Kathleen’s own gentle, guiding spirit.

Understanding my grief over the loss of my dear dog, Jake, Kathleen sent a very thoughtful gift to help me remember that Jake will always watch over me.

Some angels fly through the starry skies, while others tread softly on the earth. Kathleen is one of those earth angels…but when I look closely, I can see the faintest hint of wings glowing behind her.


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