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A Favorite Book – The Tao of Meow

The other day I was re-reading one of my favorite books – The Tao of Meow, by Deborah Wood. I came across the following lines, which I had highlighted the last time I read the book:

“In fact, because cats are such creatures of the air, the energy flow from their feet to the ground is especially important – it provides an anchor. Mostly, cats almost float on their feet.”

I had to smile, because several weeks ago I blogged about the incredible lightness of cats – how they keep me feeling airy, as if I could lift off the ground at the drop of a hat and take a casual day trip through the universe. Deborah’s words touched my heart. The term “kindred spirit” comes to mind – a person who shares beliefs, attitudes or feelings with another. And few things bring people together like a shared love and appreciation for animals.

Deborah is the author of The Tao of Bow Wow and The Tao of Meow, as well as The Little Dogs’ Beauty Book and several other titles for those who have a special connection with smaller dogs. As she shares her life with three Papillons, this should come as no surprise. She also writes a weekly pet column for The Oregonian newspaper.

Beyond that, she is an uplifting and inspirational person – you can’t help smiling in her presence! Be sure to check out her blog http://blog.oregonlive.com/pets/.


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