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The Incredible Lightness of Cats

So if dogs keep me grounded, what do cats bring to my world?

They keep me feeling light…very light.

In the first printing of my book For Every Cat An Angel I included these words:

If it weren’t for gravity cats would simply float away.

I don’t know why I perceive kitties this way. Perhaps some of it comes from the way cats are so often up off the ground. I’ll open the linen closet to put away the clean towels and there’s my kitty, Star, asleep in the sheets on the top shelf. Or in the middle of eating dinner the pantry door will open and out will come one of the cats who was napping with the canned soup.

Viewing kitties this way helps me understand my deep connection with them, for I often feel the same way myself. If it weren’t for gravity I would simply…OK, so I wouldn’t actually FLOAT AWAY, but I would definitely go on a lot more day trips through the universe.

So here’s to cats..and dogs…who come together in perfect harmony and keep me in balance.


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